Monthly Update February 2016

Haven’t quite got into the swing of blogging on here just yet. However, here are a few new things that have been added on the page since it went online last month.

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Gravestone Symbols and Meaning


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In the last month, I have been researching one family name in the Lothian area of Scotland trying to work out which families are related to mine. I’ve been building private mini trees until I can work out more about their background in hope to slot them onto mine. It’s proved to be very successful. I kept them private because if I could work out where they slotted into my public DNA tree, I deleted them. No point having hundreds of mini trees when all the same information is on a larger tree with more connections.

While working on “007. McNeil Tree”, one of the mini trees, information came up on the couple I was researching suggesting that they had moved from the Lothian area over to Utah in the United States. I continued to follow the hints and found that there were not only photographs of members of the family, but also of their headstones.  Continue reading

Introduction: New Blog, Plus Free Genealogy Course


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Hello and a very warm welcome to you.

My name is Hannah and I love all things genealogy and family tree related. I’ve been researching my tree since my maternal grandfather, known as Pops, passed away in 2008. My mother and I decided at that point that it was time to start looking further into our ancestry and our heritage. Continue reading