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Hello and a very warm welcome to you.

My name is Hannah and I love all things genealogy and family tree related. I’ve been researching my tree since my maternal grandfather, known as Pops, passed away in 2008. My mother and I decided at that point that it was time to start looking further into our ancestry and our heritage.

My family history is for the most located in Britain and Ireland, so most of my research has been focused on the two. However, in 2016 I used some of my inheritance money after my paternal grandmother passed away to purchase an Ancestry DNA test. Since then I have had my mother tested and am currently awaiting the results from my father’s test which was sent away before New Year. The DNA results have opened up a whole new avenue for me and I find myself researching branches that lead to the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand.

This blog will have a combination of stories from my own research, my family tree and any useful pieces of information I come across that may benefit others interested in genealogy. I hope to talk about both the paper trail genealogy and DNA genealogy and the benefits of combining the two.

I hadn’t intended on starting the blog today. I have been trying to find as many useful pieces of information first before launching it but in the wee small hours of last night, I found a free genealogy course online that starts tomorrow. I thought it would be very helpful for those who are potentially interested in reading my blog to gain some extra skills too. The course is run by Future Learn, who I have no experience of myself, but the course has links to the University of Strathclyde. I have signed up to take the course too in hope it can expand the knowledge I already have.

If you’re interested in signing up to the course, the link you need is:

Hopefully I’ll see a few of you on the course!

Thanks so much for taking time to read my first blog. Please feel free to take a look around the page for a variety of useful links, Facebook groups and books I have found helpful in my research.