About the Author

Hannah Thomas has been researching her family history since 2009 after the loss of her maternal grandfather and a desire to find out more about her roots. With a keen interest in history from a young age, she graduated from University of Aberdeen in 2014 with an MA Honours degree in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Studies with History, receiving a First Class for her dissertation.

Her exploration into her genealogy has been a hobby that continued into working life. She has started helping others starting their own family trees.

“It would be a dream come true to become a professional genealogist.”

She created Blue Genes Tree as a way to share her experiences, hints and tips with those interested in their own family history.

“Getting started?  Brick walls? They can be pretty tricky, but the difficult part is knowing when to put the laptop down to go to bed. Genealogy is more than just a hobby, it can become very addictive!”

What about the name of the blog? Where does that come from? Is there a royal link?

“I guess it’s a bit of a pun about researching and who I am. I’ve found a lot of people with shared ancestors trying to link our family back to royalty. I have quickly dispelled a number of these theories within 10 minutes of my own research in the right area. No blue blood in my tree so far, but I am often found with my laptop researching while sat in a pair of blue jeans!”